Let’s talk Red Sox postseason rotation

OK. I think we can agree by now the Boston Red Sox are going to make the playoffs — provided they don’t tank over the next two weeks. They’re hot right now, so that doesn’t seem likely.

Now, the question has to be: who will be in their postseason rotation? Well, that’s a great question. Here’s a look at what it could be:

Rick Porcello — No question about it. This guy is a Cy Young contender. The Red Sox seem to play with a lot of confidence when he’s on the mound. The run support is absurd, and he’s pitching even better than his 3.08 ERA lately. So yeah, he’s good.

David Price — Since mid-May, he has been one of the best pitchers in the big leagues. The lefty doesn’t have a great postseason track record, but that’s a small sample size. And if it weren’t for him, the Red Sox probably wouldn’t be in the position they’re in.

Eddie Rodriguez — Rodriguez has had some bad outings. Yes. But he’s generally turned it around since coming up to the bigs for the second time this season. He owns a 3.21 ERA in 12 starts dating back to July 16. That’s pretty reliable.

Clay Buchholz — Assuming Steven Wright isn’t healthy, Buchholz has to be the logical choice as a No. 4 starter/long man. Four of his last five starts were quality starts and he’s essentially their only option. He probably won’t start many postseason games, but they might need him at some point.

Ahem. Aren’t you forgetting someone? No. In what way would Drew Pomeranz be an asset to the postseason roster? He’s just out of gas at this point — even if they’re trying to lighten his workload. OK, so put him in the bullpen. Why? What part of he’s out of gas isn’t clear? Shut him down. The Red Sox already have three solid lefty bullpen options.

Yes, Fernando Abad is solid against lefties. Righties? Not so much


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