Learn How To Hand-Roll Your Own Pasta In Framingham

Learn How To Hand-Roll Your Own Pasta In Framingham

Hand-making pasta is a daunting task the Italians have worked hundreds of years to perfect. The experts at Volturno in Framingham are willing to let you in on their age-old secrets - for a price.

While Volturno is primarily a pizzeria, the chefs are keeping those 200-year-old Neapolitano recipes to themselves, so for now, learning to make pasta will have to do!

The classes are held on the first Wednesday of each month, with the next course coming up August 7.

Tickets are $80 per student, and include all your materials and instructions from a professional pasta chef as well as delicious antipasti and regional Italian wine pairings to enjoy as you learn.

Each class focuses on a different type of pasta. Guests work from scratch at their own stations to create their very own dish.

Those who thrive on being the teacher's pet can upgrade their experience for an additional $20 and work alongside Chef Joshua Swerling at the Chef's Table.

Volturno got its start in Worcester, and expanded to Framingham in 2016. Their famous Neapolitan pizza dough is also hand-made to provide the base for some insanely delicious creations.

Try the cavoletti (Italian for Brussels sprouts) made with maple-infused pancetta to bring out the smokiness, and capicolla drizzled in hazelnut-infused honey.

According to Craving Boston, the pistachio pizza is a must-try with a base of pistachio pesto in place of tomato sauce and topped with fennel sausage and mozzarella cheese.

Ready to try your hand at pasta-making? Head to EventBrite to sign up!

Want to learn more about Volturno's delicious culinary offerings? View the website here!

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