Klay Thompson praises the Celtics

Klay Thompson praises the Celtics

It's pretty clear that the Boston Celtics have a strong team headed into this season. It's hard to deny that with the starting five they are set to put out there on a nightly basis, that they have to be the favorites to win the NBA's Eastern Conference. In Boston, that seems like the kind of claim that Snopes would declare true.

However, you have to remember how big of hacks sports fans of other teams can be (a friend of mine who is a Yankees fan thought the Yankees were going to win the AL East this season. So yeah, sometimes people's opinions are clouded by bias).

Anyways, here's one more guy who is a neutral source and thinks the Celtics are going to have one heck of a season. His name is Klay Thompson and he is an NBA star. Here's what he had to tell ESPN recently when talking about the team in the east that scared him the most.

“I like the team out east in Boston,” he said. “They got a very nice, young team. One through five, man. They got a team that kind of mirrors ours as far as their length. Guys who can shoot and play defense, and an unselfish way about things. So, I think they are going to be a team to reckon with.”

And you know what? He's absolutely right--and we appreciate his honesty. With LeBron James no longer on the Cleveland Cavaliers, ask yourself a serious question: where is the threat in the east? It's not trying to be cocky; it is a serious question. Does such a team exist? It's possible, but it doesn't jump out right away.
Now, in the west the Golden State Warriors pose a very real threat but hey, we don't have to worry about them for awhile...

Also, here's some tape of Thompson balling up.

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