Kick Your Hangover At New England's First Bacon Gastro-Pub

Kick Your Hangover At New England's First Bacon Gastro-Pub

After a long night of partying, the only cure is a greasy, delicious, fat-laden breakfast or brunch! That's where The Hangover Pub in Worcester comes in!

The establishment is the self-proclaimed "first bacon gastropub in New England," and their meals and cocktails heavily feature one indulgent ingredient. You guessed it! BACON!

Lunch, dinner, and brunch dishes are "peppered with house made bacon, bringing them to life." They also feature weekly taco, burger and pizza specials showcasing their signature ingredient.

According to the restaurant's website, Chef Michael Arrastia’s unique style consists of American fusion with influences from Italian, Japanese, & Hispanic cuisine.

The Hangover Pub is now open seven days a week. To accommodate the local party scene, they serve their healing brunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

Soak up last night's alcohol with specialties like the Hangover Benedict featuring Portuguese roll, thick-cut house bacon, poached eggs, and chipotle cilantro-Hollandaise sauce.

How about the Nutella and marshmallow French toast?

For those who need something a little more potent, try the massive Royal With Cheese: It is made with Portuguese roll, hand made burger, thick-cut Cheddar cheese, house bacon, fried egg, and topped with chipotle-cilantro Hollandaise. Served with a side of home fries.

Need a little hair of the dog to go with your brunch? How about a Bloody Mary with a bacon-sea salt rim?

Or perhaps a "Bacon de Mayo" with house-infused bacon pineapple tequila, triple sec, fresh sour, a bacon sea salt rim, cilantro, and a fresh slice of bacon?

The bar also offers a huge selection of craft beers.

For dessert, try a bacon-topped cupcake or bacon donut.

Learn more about the Hangover Pub on their website or Facebook Page.

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