KG rips LeBron James and Kendrick Perkins agrees

KG rips LeBron James and Kendrick Perkins agrees

Kevin Garnett had a hot take and his former teammate is backing him up on it.
OK, so here's what I'm referring to: Garnett appeared on the Bill Simmons podcast on Wednesday and talked about the Celtics of old. The good old days, as some would call them. You know, that Brian Scalabrine era.

Well, Garnett made the bold statement that the Celtics broke LeBron James and forced him to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. If you think about it, this kind of makes sense. The Eastern conference was tough when the Celtics starting five was Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins.

That was a hard team to beat, so LeBron had to go assemble his own super team to counter the fact that his teams weren't better than the Celtics.

Perkins agreed with that, according to NBC Sports Boston.

"He's spittin' facts. One thing about KG is he spit facts," Perkins said. "Listen, Bill Simmons ain't help the situation either. He egged him on. He got what he wanted. He poked the bear.

"But, you know, that to me -- I can look at it the way KG is saying it. And one thing about it, I'm never going against my big brother."

Boom! So that's three against none. That's pretty good that he was willing to come out and say what we were all thinking. It's bold. It deserves respect. Very good stuff from this man right here.

Hopefully now Scal comes out and says something about how LeBron was terrified to face him or something just to keep the smack talk going. Now that would be epic.

One last point: it kind of is a shame that these guys put us through that "The Decision" ESPN special. That thing was absolutely brutal, and they should apologize for it.

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