Kendrick Perkins has GREAT advice for Terry Rozier

Kendrick Perkins has GREAT advice for Terry Rozier

Kendrick Perkins knows a thing or two about the NBA.

Not only is a Boston Celtics legend, but one could argue he single handedly won the team the NBA Championship in 2008. I mean, it's an argument that could be made. Not saying it's correct, but there's no laws against saying it. Anyways...

Perkins offered up some advice for Terry Rozier, who recently did an interview with ESPN where he said it was tough to adjust to playing with Kyrie Irving.

That's a no-no in Perkins book. He said he should stop doing these kinds of interviews effective immediately.

He also said this:

"I agree he’s need a starting role but let me give you some advice from a OG in this league! Never give the GMs a reason to mess with your money! You want to have a clean name going into free agency! After he gets paid then he can speak and say what he want!"

Boom. He went there. Perkins is someone who should be taken seriously here. He made some money back in his day. For all of those $12 beers you paid for at TD Garden to watch GOATstrodomus suit up for the boys in green, you helped make his life possible. He had some years where he was raking in $4.5 million from the Celtics. With inflation, that'd be even more these days. It might not be Pablo Sandoval money but hey, Perkins has boat money--and that's what matters.

So yeah, it'd probably be for the best if all of these players just didn't do any interviews ever again so that they don't jeopardize their careers. I think that's really the only way to do it at this point. Don't want anyone twisting anything and costing these guys their boat money. That'd definitely be unfortunate.

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