Kayaking Around Boston

Boston is a charming city, part in thanks to the 80 miles long Charles River that passes through it. If you are in Boston, it is a great idea to center some of your activities about this beautiful river, which has so much to offer. One fun way to do that is to kayak along the river, enjoying the scenic urban views that move by. The section of the river that runs through Boston carries little to no current, so your experience will be relaxing rather than strenuous. There are four rental locations that you can choose from for kayaking around Boston:

Kendall Square, Cambridge

This is a great location for viewing some iconic sights – the Boston skyline, Esplanade Park, MIT, The Museum of Science, Boston University, and the Zakim Bridge standing out amongst them. This eight-mile stretch will be an excellent way to explore the core of the city from a different perspective.


The views from this nine-mile route are certainly sights for sore eyes! You can see trim parkland on both sides, and see rowers in action all around you. Some way down the line you’ll come across famous college campuses – Harvard, MIT, and Boston University – and the Esplanade Park, and also see the city skyline.

Nahanton Park, Newton

If you prefer to have some relaxing greenery around you as you paddle, choose the Nahanton Park location. This 12-mile route has lush gardens, or forest and marsh land on both banks which will give you that perfect respite into nature you’re looking for.

Moody Street Damn, Waltham

This is only a six-mile stretch but is great for those who want to completely leave behind the concrete and immerse themselves in a more natural setting. All around is parkland and forest to help you catch a little break from the city.

Kayaking around these locations will allow you to properly enjoy all of what Boston has to offer. Don’t know how to swim? No worries, you’ll have a life jacket on at all times to keep you safe. Just wear comfortable clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting wet, and come rent a kayak! If you think you’ll be renting often, you can get season passes that’ll save you some bucks. You may also organize a group and corporate outings, and reserve boats if it’s a large group. Any equipment you might need can be bought at these locations. Furthermore, you can book a customized kayak trip for birthday parties, or rent for an Independence Day special. There are special offers on different locations, and you can purchase gift certificates too. It’ll be an experience that’ll no doubt leave you wanting more.

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