Josh Beckett still a lying dirtbag

Say what you will about Josh Beckett and if it’s negative, it’s probably true. The guy is still a lying dirtbag.

He was on Toucher and Rich yesterday to promote some golf tournament he’s playing in. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. He’s the guy who skipped his workout in-between starts to go golfing. Glad to see he’s still enjoying the game. But anyways, who cares about Beckett playing golf? Here’s what is real interesting: Beckett said the Red Sox forced him to make up an injury so they could call up Aaron Cook.

Well… That’s funny. I can’t remember Beckett going to the Disabled List. And Barstool Sports’ Jared Carrabis knows for a fact they didn’t. As he points out, Beckett was skipped for one start because he was a little banged up. It could have been because he went golfing instead of doing his workouts. But let’s be serious for a minute. Playing baseball was Beckett’s job. What does he expect when he skips work?

Beckett had a lousy 2012 and was so much of a cancer, the Red Sox decided it would best to unload him and Carl Crawford in that big deal with LA. The Red Sox wanted him gone so bad they even threw in Adrian Gonzalez. Hell, you can even have Nick Punto too, Dodgers.

Beckett was placed on the Disabled List June 16 that year in favor of Clayton Mortensen, so maybe that’s the move he was talking about. It was with right shoulder soreness, so maybe that’s what he’s talking about. So Beckett is either a liar or an idiot. I’m going with both. Either way, he’s spinning a web of lies.

While we’re here criticizing Beckett, does anyone else remember how fat he got by the end of his Red Sox tenure? That’s what fried chicken and beer will do to you.

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