Jon Lester went deep today and there’s video proof

LesterJon Lester was probably the worst hitter Red Sox fans can remember (Allen Craig, you’re off the hook buddy).

Clearly, with pitcher’s stats at the plate on the decline, it is becoming apparent that few care how a pitcher does at the plate. Still, it seemed funny that the Cubs would pay Lester, a guy who was 0-for-36 at the start of his career all that money if he had to hit. And he was just about as bad as they expected — digging himself into an 0-for-66 rhole before garnering his first career big league hit.

But today, Lester looked good at the plate. And no, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke. We joke a bit. But Jon Lester going deep is no laughing matter.

Here’s a look at that opposite field blast:

Wow. Just wow.

Lester is a lifetime .041 hitter in 98 career regular season at-bats.

Anything is possible now. Who knows? Maybe Cubs win the World Series, Steve Bartman throws out the first pitch on 2017 Opening Day and they uncancel Friends. OK, maybe that last one is a stretch.

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