John Farrell is probably here long term

Admit it: you love John Farrell. Well, maybe not. But you either don’t have an issue with him or love to hate on him. He’s the manager of the Boston Red Sox so therefore when anything ever goes wrong, it’s automatically his fault. Makes sense.

But think about this for a second: the Red Sox are in first place this season. The Red Sox are back-to-back AL East champs. For two straight seasons, they were the best team in the AL East. Oh, and in John Farrell’s five years as the Red Sox manager, they have won the AL East three times. Which other Red Sox managers can say they did that? Uh. None.

Certainly, criticism of Farrell can be warranted but for the most part, he has a talented ballclub and they are winning games. They are pretty much right where everyone expected them to be at this point. If he was a terrible manager, that might not be the case. Of course, we know the Red Sox like him as a manager too–like when they said they did not value in-game managing last season and that John Farrell’s job was not in danger. If it wasn’t, then they probably wouldn’t have let Torey Lovullo go to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Either way though, that was probably a mistake.

One weird little occurrence this week that could indicate Farrell is staying in Boston long-term was him purchasing a condo in Charlestown which interestingly enough, was previously owned by Kathryn Tappen. If Farrell didn’t think he was sticking around Boston for at least a few more years, then I doubt he would’ve done that.

The Red Sox have always liked Farrell. There’s a reason why his name swirled around in rumors back when he was in Toronto.

So yeah, you’ll get to see more of this:

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