John Farrell is back!!! But not for the Red Sox

John Farrell is back!!! But not for the Red Sox

If you thought John Farrell just fell off the face of the planet, then maybe you should think again.

The former Red Sox manager, who led the team to three first place finishes and two last place finishes in his five year tenure managing them, is back in baseball. That’s right, you can knock old Johnny boy down, but you can’t keep him away from the game.

That’s because the Cincinnati Reds recently hired Farrell as a scout. Yes, as a scout. This is a great move because you know Farrell’s communication skills with younger players is definitely his strong suit. Just kidding, he didn’t really like the young guys.

For reference, Farrell is an internal scout for the Reds--meaning he is there to assess players who are already in the team’s system. That’s a job I didn’t even know existed until Farrell got it. But seriously, perfect man for the job.

This should also tell you something about the way Farrell was as a manager. He must’ve been pretty disliked if he was coming off back-to-back first place finishes and still couldn’t find a job. The Red Sox took a guy who had never managed a big league game over him. That has to say something, right?

In December, Farrell signed with some sort of a broadcasting firm, so it looked like he was probably going to do something like that--until the Reds signed him.

Serious thought though: why didn’t any teams offer him a job as a pitching coach. I get he has managing experience, but he was actually a good pitching coach for the Red Sox. Maybe his ego wouldn’t have let him accept such a position but then again, this is like a few steps down from that position. Still, good for Farrell to land on his feet--like a cat.

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