JD Martinez showing that he's a team player

JD Martinez showing that he's a team player

No, JD Martinez isn't the next David Ortiz. Not happening. Sorry.

By this, I'm not saying that he won't put up numbers like Ortiz this season. No, he honestly might even have a better year than some of Ortiz' seasons. But he's not going to fill the Big Papi role--because he's not going to be a 24/7 DH.

Martinez was asked about playing the outfield this week and he said he plans on it "Because I'm only 30 years old". Boom. That's a golden response right there.

Seriously though, who in the crooked Boston media market would ask a guy why he wants to play the field? Umm, maybe because it's part of the game. Maybe because he wants to help the team win. The Red Sox don't have this tremendous outfield depth on their club and Martinez has played the field basically his entire career. Why should that change just because the Red Sox signed him? Granted, it will because of room, but knowing he's willing to is a great sign for the team.

Martinez also told reporters he'd be ready to give guys days off. That's good. It gives the lineup a little more versatility. That's big when you have a logjam at first base (Hanley Ramirez AND Mitch Moreland). 

This also gives you the idea that Martinez wants to stay in good shape. There are some guys who would probably take the DH spot in a heartbeat (Hanley, Pablo Sandoval) if they were given the chance.

That's OK, but you really need to hit to play there. And you need to be athletic to play in the outfield. Props to Martinez for showing fans he wants to be in shape enough to play the outfield.

More rest for the outfielders is a good thing. The Red Sox need those guys to stay healthy. 

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