Jayson Tatum used to be a huge LeBron James fan

Jayson Tatum used to be a huge LeBron James fan

Jayson Tatum is a really good basketball player for the Boston Celtics. Soon enough, the Celtics goal will be to ruin LeBron James' season by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals. So.. that means the two probably don't like each other, right? The truth is, I have no idea if they do like each other or not in 2018. However, when Tatum was 14 years old, his opinion of King James was made quite clear.



So... this is pretty interesting.

They actually met before Tatum was in the NBA. Heck, Tatum looks like a toddler in that photo which makes sense since James is 13 years older than him and has played in the league for 15 seasons.

And about the follow back. That's something young kids love to ask famous people. Why? Because they can brag about it, I guess. Jose Bautista follows like 1 million people on Twitter, so sometimes, it's not really an accomplishment to get the follow back.

Also, you have to love Tatum trying to pull some strings to get the big follow from LBJ (not JFK's vice president, the basketball player). His godfather, Larry Hughes, played alongside James in Cleveland earlier in his career,

So there you have it folks, Tatum used to be a big fan of King James; that's like minus five Boston points right there, even though he's been on fire lately.

Following the C's Game 5 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, he had put up at least 20 points in seven straight playoff games. it's kind of hard to hate on that kind of production. That's what wins you basketball games.

So what can be done about this? Simple: just don't let Tatum guard LeBron. You don't want him giving up any half court shots to LBJ (again, not Lyndon Baines Johnson).

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