Jamie Collins trade prime example of Patriot way

It’s the Patriot way.

The New England Patriots have a certain way about going about business. Everyone has to do what’s best for the system and with the exception of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, they are all replaceable. They’ve won with an array of different players, guys who understand the system. Apparently, Jamie Collins never got the memo.

On Monday, the Pats dealt linebacker Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a conditional third round pick. A puzzling move, right? Why on earth would the Patriots trade a young, talented linebacker, who they drafted in the first round a few years ago for a third (potentially fourth) rounder? Simple: he didn’t buy into the system.

He wasn’t listening to his coaches. Freelancing is the term they use, but I hate that term in this context, especially when no one explains what it means. But pretty much, Collins was doing whatever he wanted out there, not listening to coaches. And he even admitted in the past he doesn’t enjoy watching football. One has to wonder if he even watches film.

Plus there was the “Von Miller money” remark, and the very real chance the Pats weren’t going to re-sign him because it seems like they almost never pay their defense players. Just ask Richard Seymour.

Also worth noting: Elandon Roberts looked good on Sunday. He didn’t play a ton, but he cut into Collins’ reps, albeit Collins was completely healthy. One had wonder what was going on there. Now we know.

One has to feel kind of bad for Collins though. I mean, the Cleveland Browns: the worst team in the NFL. It doesn’t get much worse than that. But maybe he learned his lesson. Or he’ll make a lot of money and be happy. Either is fine.

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