It's about time the Red Sox extended Alex Cora

It's about time the Red Sox extended Alex Cora

It might be the offseason for the Boston Red Sox, but that does not mean we are not seeing some good news about the team this week.

Alex Cora got snubbed for AL Manager of the Year but honestly, who cares? We know how good of a manager he was and he has a World Series ring to prove it. However, it was the news about Alex Cora's contract that we should all be celebrating.

The team gave him an extra year on his contract, extending him through the 2012 season while giving him a club option for 2022. Apparently, he may also be making more money now too, but the figures on how much MLB coaches make are very hard to find. However, it makes sense because USA Today reports that in his initial contract, a three-year deal, Cora was making just $800k per year--which made him one of the lowest paid managers in MLB.

Honestly though, that's nuts; there's no way he should've not been paid well, especially since we know how much money the Red Sox have (as well as John Henry).

At this point, I really don't think what they did is enough though. This is Alex Cora we are talking about; this guy should have a lifetime contact and a blank check. He is not some schmuck. He is the greatest manager in Red Sox history (potentially). He deserves respect. He deserves paper. Pay the man. He has more than earned it.

So now what's up for the offseason? Well, the Red Sox don't have to pay Pablo Sandoval or Hanley Ramirez dead money anymore, so hopefully they can take some of that dough and make an awesome pizza or something. We shall see what they do to try to improve a 108 win team.

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