It will get better for the Patriots

It will get better for the Patriots

I know, Patriots fans, you're probably a little frustrated right now. This is the case anytime the Patriots get off to a slow start. The sky is falling. Tom Brady is done. The Mayans were right. It's doomsday. Grab your primary and secondary and tertiary weapon and prepare for Armageddon.


Not this time.

How about we look at the success the Patriots have had and actually believe they are going to snap out of this funk? It's more likely than not. Here's why: the wide receiver situation.

Right now, how does the wideout situation look? Not great, sir or madam. It's not great. Right. At this exact moment it's not ideal. That's with Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson, Phillip Dorsett and what's-his-face out there. That's not a lot of big name star power, folks.

But you know what? It's going to get better. Josh Gordon is going to end up playing for the Patriots at some point, for pete's sake! That could end up being a major asset. Plus: Julian Edelman! Edelman is still out because the NFL isn't cool when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs (or they are cool for not letting guys using PEDs, depending on how you look at it). Anyways, yeah, that's two wide receivers who will end up playing for them soon enough. The Miami game is the last one where Edelman is suspended, so yeah that's good news.

Definitely not happy about that suspension though...

Should the Patriots maybe consider looking for more outside help at the position? Sure! Why not, right? You always want to get better at every aspect of the game, and this spot should be no different.

It's also worth noting maybe the running backs wouldn't be so predictable if the throwing game was a little more dynamic. This won't solve everything, but it should help--and that's all you can ask for at this point.

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