It was one game, Bruins fans!

It was one game, Bruins fans!

There’s no way around it: the Boston Bruins got shellacked by a good team in their season opener.

It was a 7-0 loss, as most of you know by now. They were truly wrecked by the defending Stanley Cup champs: the Washington Capitals. So to answer your question: yes, Alexander Ovechkin actually did have to put the Stanley Cup down to play in the game. That dude was carrying that thing all over the place in the summer--and rightfully so because he absolutely earned it.

But yeah, the Bruins really didn’t have in the first game of the season. The offense was flat. Tuukka Rask didn’t get the job done (in case the score didn’t tell you enough on that front). But you know what? Brad Marchand made a great point after the game.



Granted, we could do without the swearing, but he is absolutely right. This was one game out of 82 games of the regular season. I’ve never been an “it’s only April” kind of a guy when it comes to baseball but hey, teams are going to lose games. We can’t accept the Bruins losing games fairly regularly early in the season and say it’s OK because it’s early in the season. But this was legit only one game. We knew they weren’t going undefeated this season. The Capitals were favored to win the game headed into it. Maybe the Bruins just got beat by a better team. It happens.

Don’t worry: the Bruins made it to the playoffs last season and they have plenty of talent coming back. They really do have an opportunity to shine this season. Let’s see if they can take advantage of it. Whatever you do, don’t pull a Michael Felger and start trashing them after one bad game. If it gets to two, then we can press the panic button.

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