It seems the Patriots can win with any quarterback

No disrespect to Tom Brady. Just a whole lot of love for the New England Patriots.

Maybe love is a little strong of a word. OK, a lot of respect for the Patriots. They’re a real good team. And it doesn’t even matter who is under center for them.

You saw the Patriots go 11-5 with Matt Cassel under center in 2008. How was he when he left New England? Not good. And now there’s these young quarterback — Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett — and the Patriots can win with them too. They won a game where Brissett only threw for like 100 yards. That’s impressive.

Did you know the Pats are 14-5 in games not started by Tom Brady since he took over under center. What’s that mean? Are these guys better than Brady? Uh… No. But the Patriots are a good team. Brady is part of something special.

Even if he is among the best quarterbacks to ever pick up a football, the Patriots are good. They’d be good no matter who their quarterback was. they have sharp defense, solid wideouts, a suffice offensive line and a bulldozer of a running back — LeGarrette Blount. Yeah that bowling ball has come a long way since, well, you know…

Yeah. It’s tough. They don’t know what’s going on under center. But there’s a lot of reasons to feel good. A. Tom Brady’s suspensions only one more game. And then he and Wes Welker will rise from the depths of lake Winapuasakee (not even close, I know) and come out and do work for the Patriots. Except the Welker part, he’ll be on his couch.

But yeah, the Pats also seem to be in good hands in the future. Jimmy G. looked good and Brissett looked to have potential. Should be interesting either way. For now, they’ll keep both.