It’s Bruins season!

Never realized this until last year: the NHL starts way earlier than you might realize.

Sure, die hard Bruins fans must know, but the first Bruins game this year is October 13. That’s this Thursday and they’re playing the Columbus Blue Jackets on the road. I guess I got to ask y’all now, do you know what it is?

Yes. It is Patriots season. Definitely agree with that. But the New England Patriots only play one game a week — and it’s always on Sunday. Here’s an opportunity to watch another contact sport — multiple times per week.

The Bruins season ended in disappointment in back-to-back seasons, so that might give some mixed emotions. Yes, there season might end in heartbreak. They might not be as strong as the Pittsburgh Penguins, but they might be. You won’t know unless you watch them.

Plus, who wants to miss out on this?

Actually, scratch that. Not everyone is a fan of fighting in hockey — because it’s not hockey. It’s penalty minutes. And those are only good in fantasy hockey. In real hockey, they result in playing short-handed.

If you’re at all wondering what kind of a Bruins team this could be, young could be a good word. Yup, plenty of veterans on the squad, but there will be a lot of younger guys filling out the back end of things. And that’s bittersweet. If guys are ready, great. If guys aren’t ready, uhh… Yeah. You understand.

At least Brad Marchand’s extension got done before the season started. He looked real good in the World Cup too. Here’s a look at his game-winner against team Europe.

North America 1. Europe 0. Or should it be: North America 2, Europe 1. Or should it just be Canada vs. Europe because the USA and Mexico weren’t involved? I don’t know. Nice goal though.


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