Isaiah Thomas is pretty beastly

You want to talk about how the Celtics to go out and grab a go-to scorer or would you rather appreciate what they have now?

The latter sounds more fun. Let’s be honest, the Celtics probably aren’t going to go out and grab that star soon with the amount of draft picks they have stacked up and the addition of Al Horford this past offseason. But then again, yesterday supports the argument for not doing it. Why? What happened on Tuesday? Isaiah Thomas happened. That’s what happened.

In the C’s road win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Thomas looked good, real good. The guy dropped a career-high 44 points. How’d he do it? Oh. He went 10-for-16 shooting and 7-for-10 from three point range. From the line? He hit all 17 of his attempted free throws. Not to mention he had six assists, three rebounds, two steals and a block. That’s not bad at all. In fact, that’s pretty friggin excellent.

Through 24 games this season, Thomas has been that go-to scorer the Celtics had been longing for. He’s put up 26.6 points per game, so what they’d been looking for had been there the whole time, to quote Taylor Swift.

Say whatever you want about the C’s though, dawg. Think whatever you want. Feel however you feel about Al Horford and all those other fancy sounding names that cost a lot of money (and yes, we’re legitimately only talking about Horford right now), but don’t hate on IT. That guy has to be the best player on the Celtics right now. No really, he has to be.

Someone had to step up and score. Avery Bradley and Horford can put up some points, but not to the same magnitude as IT on a regular basis.

And yes, that’s what we’re going for to differentiate Isaiah Thomas for now on. IT has a great sound to it.