Isaiah Thomas got gypped

Are you kidding me?

The classic question lede sentence. It can be good when used sparingly. Here, though, it seemed appropriate? In case you were wondering why, here’s why:

You see a guy missing from there? Yeah. Where the heck is Isaiah Thomas? Obviously, he’s an All-Star. But why isn’t he in the starting five? Just makes no sense, dawg. Just going to assume you’re with me and agree he should be starting.

What’s so stupid here is how close he came to starting. For Pete’s sake, there was a tiebreaker here — and he lost the tiebreaker. That’s just bad luck. At least he was in consideration for it and it wasn’t an outright bias toward the Cleveland Cavaliers — even though it probably was.

Dude, Thomas is putting up 28.7 points per game this year. That’s top-five in the league. It’s also like five more per game than Kyrie Irving. Oh, and guess who has more assists? That’s IT again. Forget the it girl, this is the it guy.  What makes this so stupid is we all know Thomas is at least going to be top-five in the MVP voting if he keeps up what he’s doing.

His stats are straight up better than Kyrie’s — and he’s the focal point of a very good Celtics team’s offense. That should mean something.

Are the Cleveland Cavaliers the best team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference? They might be. Are they better than the Celtiics? Yes. Is Kyrie not as depended upon as Thomas? Yes. But LeBron is starting for the Cavs. They don’t need two guys.

Plus Thomas is having a better year than Irving, so that should really be all that matters — like how Steven Wright was an All-Star last year for the Red Sox but I’d bet some serious money he’s never an All-Star ever again. Except here, IT will probably be a superstar for awhile.


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