Is Alex Cora Sending Signals About A Red Sox Reunion?

Is Alex Cora Sending Signals About A Red Sox Reunion?

Jake Archer ·

Thiel: The courage of Alex Cora's convictions | Sportspress Northwest
Ever since the day that Alex Cora and the Red Sox decided to "mutually part ways," there has been speculation about the former World Series winning manager coming back to Boston's dugout. As we all know, Cora was suspended for the whole 2020 campaign as punishment for his involvement in the Houston Astros cheating scandal that occurred during the 2017 season. With all of the bad press, the inability to contribute to the team in the coming season and the unknown details of what exactly went down, it made sense for the Sox and Cora to break up. Maybe it was premature, but at the time it was certainly the right move for both parties.

What happened afterwards was a series of events that led more and more to a possible Cora-Red Sox reunion. The details that came out in regards to the cheating scandal seemed to point towards a larger issue that was being dumped on Cora because he was no longer with the Houston organization. Most rational fans knew that while he certainly participated, he was only a small part of a giant issue that extended around the Astros and around Major League Baseball. His suspension was warranted, but a lifetime ban would be excessive. Cora would be in play for a manager position in 2021.

Couple all of that with the fact that the Red Sox struggled MIGHTILY in 2020 under interim manager Ron Roenicke, and we had a full fledged #BringBackCora movement happening among Sox fans. Roenicke seemed like a nice guy, but he just did not know how to be the head man for this group and he certainly did not know how to handle the Boston media and fans. He was constantly making the wrong move and then appearing tone deaf in his comments postgame. The players underperformed and checked out early.

While a case can be made that Roenicke was dealt a crappy hand, it doesn't change the fact that Cora would have found a better way to turn junk into treasure. With ownership cheaping out, the trade of Mookie Betts, injuries in the rotation, COVID-19, and the front office having more say in day-to-day than they should, I can feel for Roenicke. It can also be said that some of the players, namely Rafael Devers and JD Martinez, found any and every excuse to not play hard. The fact remains, I trust Alex Cora to solve or mitigate most of these issues (there's no solving COVID of course, but maybe Cora has a better plan to prepare).

Now at this point, Boston has announced that Roenicke will not be coming back as manager. Alex Cora meanwhile, sits as home taking in the postseason like the rest of us until he is reinstated following the last out of the World Series. At that point, he is free to sign on with any team that he likes. Over the weekend though, it seemed Cora was sending smoke signals about a possible Red Sox return. It started with this tweet at 5 minutes past midnight on October 18th.

So, what does "X2" mean? Well, on October 18th, 2017 Cora tweeted this...

That was reportedly the day that he agreed to become the next manager of the Boston Red Sox, the first time around. He wasn't allowed to announce anything official until after the postseason because he was still the bench coach with the Houston Astros, who were still playing. Now, three years later, it seems like Cora is sending us a message by linking his new tweet to the old one and saying what can be depicted as "Times 2," as if to say whatever happened that day, has happened again.

For the skeptics, I will acknowledge that October 18th is also Cora's birthday. So was he saying he was blessed to see another year and then simply saying that again? Maybe. However, why would he tweet that in 2017 and 2020 while leaving 2018 and 2019 out? Okay, now stay with me for a second. Skeptics might also say he tweeted blessed the first time because he verbally agreed to join the Red Sox as a manager and that he is saying the same thing this time around, but not necessarily because the team he is joining is the Red Sox. In fact, the White Sox are said to be very interested in Cora and might actually be a more intriguing landing spot for a guy that could definitely want a fresh start.

Now, here comes the next tweet (this one from 7:50 pm on the same day)...

It seems like he had a great day! Could it be because he just had an awesome birthday? Maybe it's that he signed on with a team? Maybe it's both? Either way, this next tweet is the one that really gets me going and the wheels in my brain turning...


For those of you that don't know, the eyes emoji is basically the universal sign for something being afoot. It happens all the time in sports when someone is traded, signs somewhere or something monumental has happened behind the scenes. It's like saying "be on the lookout."

So, is AC sending us clues? Is this going to be a triumphant return or is he going to break all of our hearts and go elsewhere? I'm 100% convinced he's managing a major league team in 2021, but I'm about 75% sure it's not going to actually be the Red Sox. Why? Because the Red Sox continually do the wrong thing. We'll probably hire some puppet for Chaim Bloom. Oh well, one can dream of #MyManager back at Fenway come April.

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