In preparation for Seattle…

This game has been circled on a lot of people’s calendar’s for a long time.

It’s a Super Bowl 49 match up this Sunday featuring the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. We all know how that one went down.

It looked like Seattle was going to win, but then it ended up becoming the best game any of us had ever watched.

For real, it’s hard to think of a Boston sports moment quite as good as that. But a few come to mind. Seriously, it wasn’t as terrible of a play call as you might think but dang, Russell Wilson did an abhorrent job executing it.

Good news and bad news this week. The good news, Patriots fans, is that they’re favored by 7.5 this week. The bad new is it probably won’t be as exciting of a game this time around. Why? The Seahawks just aren’t as good as they were back then.

Sure, they’re a quality team. But they were gifted their 31-25 win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. They had some calls that probably shouldn’t have gone their way. The week before that, they lost to the New Orleans Saints, 25-20, a .500 team. One week prior to that, they tied the Arizona Cardinals, a team the Patriots beat without Tom Brady, Rob Ninkovich and Rob Gronkowski, among so many others.

Plus, it’s hard to criticize the Patriots since Brady’s return. In his time back, they’ve averaged 34 points per game. And all year, the team has not thrown an interception. Good things happen to teams who don’t throw picks. And good things will continue to happen to them. It’s also worth noting the only time the team lost, Jacoby Brissett was playing quarterback.

Also, remember, fine boy ain’t a Seahawk no more.

He kind of just abruptly retired in February. Weird.


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