Ian Kinsler was a good add for the Red Sox

Ian Kinsler was a good add for the Red Sox

Ian Kinsler wearing a Red Sox uniform.

Think about it. That’s great. He is exactly what the team needs even if people weren’t thinking the Red Sox needed help in that department at the trade deadline. There’s no denying that someone of his caliber is going to help the Red Sox win ball games now.

It gives them some flexibility. Brock Holt can go to the bench or play third base and the same could be said for Eduardo Nunez, who really shouldn’t be playing much of anything. If Nunez is playing though, it’s better to have him on third base because he was really struggling defensively at second.

Keep in mind, Kinsler is a plus defender. That’s why he has a 2.5 WAR (wins above replacement player) as a .240 hitter with 13 home runs and a .708  OPS.

It’s also worth noting that Kinsler has been heating up at the plate (and you should feel good about it). He is hitting .421 in his last 11 games, so that is definitely a plus. In 51 games since May 31 as well, he is hitting .275 with 10 home runs and an .820 OPS. While that may seem like some weird cherry picking, it shows he got off to a slow start and has been a much more competent hitter as of late. Plus (and this is a big one), he is a competent defender.

The Red Sox didn’t even have to give up much to get him. Sure, Ty Buttrey has electric stuff, but one has to wonder if he can throw strikes in the big leagues on a regular basis. Williams Jerez, was a nice left-handed relief depth piece, but he is also 26 years old and not named Bobby Poyner, so he was expendable.

Good move, Boston. Good move indeed.

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