How 'bout that Bobby Dalbec?

How 'bout that Bobby Dalbec?

Michael Chavis is a very productive member of the Boston Red Sox and the team is lucky to have him. Whatever happens when Dustin Pedroia comes back, they'd be foolish to take him out of the lineup with the way he is capable of hitting.

However, did you know there's another power bat in the upper minors people should also be keeping an eye out for? Well, there's probably a couple of them, but we're talking about Bobby Dalbec right now.

Dalbec got off to a cold start for the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs this season, but his line at the moment is impressive and cannot be ignored. The third baseman is hitting .250 with seven home runs, a .386 on-base percentage and a .905 OPS through 32 games for the Sea Dogs. And like we mentioned, he struggled early, so his batting average over the last 10 games is actually .351.

Dalbec has made four starts at first base this season for the Sea Dogs--an indication they're trying to get a little versatility out of him (perhaps in hopes of using him in the big leagues at some point in the future). With Rafael Devers hitting the way he is and Mitch Moreland showing some serious pop during the early part of this season, maybe it'd take an injury to get him onto the roster later in the season. Or maybe if Jackie Bradley Jr. continues not hitting, there could be some shifting around if Dalbec keeps up his pace at the plate.

It doesn't look like the Red Sox are going to try him out in left field but if they were going to, now would be the time to do it because Hadlock Field has the Maine Monster (like the Green Monster)--and McCoy Stadium (home of the PawSox) does not...

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