History says this will be a close Super Bowl

If you were thinking about the Super Bowl and who was going to win, then prepared to feel pretty good about yourself.

Bovada has the Patriots as three-point favorites over the Falcons — which might have you feeling good about yourself. So yeah, five Super Bowl rings in the 2000’s is a definite possibility. Think how amazing that is.

Just how accurate are these odds? No one knows until the game is played. But let’s be honest, the Pats don’t blow teams out in the Super Bowl, so this could be legit.

Here’s how the Pats have fared in the Super Bowls as of late:

2001: Won by 3
2003: Won by 3
2004: Won by 3
2007: Lost by 3
2011: Lost by 4
2014: Won by 4

Note, the Super Bowls were a year later than the season. Always annoying to see.

So yeah, the Pats are good for one-score games in the big dance, regardless of how they go.

Here’s a stat Pats fans will also love/hate: these guys haven’t lost a Super Bowl to a non-Giants team in the 2000’s. That’s right, 4-0.

Here’s another cool stat that really don’t really mattah too much:


11 of the last 12. Yeah. That’s nuts. Might as well book it. Super Bowl champs.

Not sure how y’all feel about it, but it is pretty exciting to think it’ll probably be a great Super Bowl. These past six Super Bowls the Patriots have played in have all been great games. Sure, those Giants ones were very frustrating, but just imagine how exciting those would’ve been for a neutral fan or a Giants fan. Plus, the Pats had an even better finish for win No. 4.


So yeah, something really cool is probably going to happen this time around too. But then again, something always good happens when the Patriots take the field. They always compete…

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