Hang Out With Alpacas At This Charming Country Farm In Massachusetts

Hang Out With Alpacas At This Charming Country Farm In Massachusetts

At 796 Greenwich Road in Hardwick, MA you will find an unique experience for the entire family. This address is home to Stonehedge Farm, 20 scenic acres established in 1737 to raise mules for the Civil War.  

Nowadays the still-functioning farm has traded in its mules in favor of more cuddly friends: 20 soft, charming Alpacas! 

Pat and Dale Lind are the owners of Colonial Hill Alpacas at Stonehedge Farm. They raise Alpacas for their guest appeal and lovely, hypoallergenic coats. Unlike sheep's wool, Alpaca fiber is not itchy, but softer, lighter and even warmer. 

Alpacas are herd animals by nature, much like their near-cousin the Llama. But while Llamas make great working animals, Alpacas have a calmer, gentler temperament. They typically enjoy interacting with visitors and rarely ever bite or spit. 

Guests are welcome to tour the farm, get close to the alpacas, and learn about their loving nature.

In addition to the Alpacas, the farm features a wide selection of unique stone sculptures created by co-owner Dale Lind. His sculptures, bowls and bird baths are scattered throughout the property as well as offered for sale in the gift shop.

Speaking of gifts, be sure to pick up some handmade hats, gloves, scarves and socks made from the very Alpacas you'll meet at Stonehedge! The shop is open on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4:00 pm or by appointment.  

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