Gronk's back, so is Brady. Take that, ESPN

Gronk's back, so is Brady. Take that, ESPN

I don’t know about you, but I hate certain kinds of speculation. Some of it is fun, but other times you have media outlets who take it, run with it as fact and get people thinking the New England Patriots are kind of screwed.

You know where this is going, right? This offseason has been loaded with bulldung when it comes to Patriots news--because there’s not really anything to report on and ESPN, desperate for ratings, apparently needs fodder. Plus...

The big one was that Rob Gronkowski was going to retire to go to the WWE. No. That didn’t end up happening. It seemed like he just wanted to play around with the media because after one meeting with head coach Bill Belichick--where coach probably told him to cut the nonsense--Gronk says he’s coming back. Let’s be honest though, he was probably having a blast messing with those guys though.

And then there was the Tom Brady rumors saying that he might not be coming back this season. Well, here’s my speculation of that. It was a great way for ESPN to get two Patriots articles amid a slow offseason (plus a lot of nothingness to talk about on their TV shows). They get the one fake one that says Tom Brady is going to retire and then they write another where his agent says that’s a load of horse manure. Boom! That’s some serious page views on both of those at the cost of credibility.

Chowdaheadz has been telling you all along to not fall for that sort of thing because we have your back.

So yeah, here’s some better speculation. The Patriots will probably at least make it to the AFC Championship this year. You know why? Because they’ve done it a lot in recent years. Julian Edelman is healthy, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are still on the team, and maybe they’ll hit the jackpot in this draft.

Good things are coming for the Patriots.

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