Greg Monroe could give C’s a boost

Greg Monroe could give C’s a boost

The Boston Celtics aren’t doing what we want them to be doing right now--but things might get a little better kind of soon.

Not only did Brad Stevens have the big “we need to play better” quote in today’s Boston Herald, but Thursday also marked the day Greg Monroe was set to make his debut with the team. Remember, the Celtics gave us a little Groundhog Day present when it was announced they’d be taking on the remaining $5 million on his contract this season.

(Also, if you’ve never seen what Groundhog Day really is, this is it.)

What the Celtics could really use in their lineup right about now is a Gordon Hayward type of a player (hint, hint), but Monroe will have to do for now. In his career, he has been a productive player, averaging 13.9 points per game, 8.7 rebounds and 0.6 blocked shots. The 6-foot-11 player, whose nickname is “Moose”, plays center and power forward, so he’ll probably see some big minutes coming off the bench for the Celtics once he gets acclimated to the system.

Just saying, he had a really big game around this time last year, so we’ll see what he can do if he gets a start.

Despite his solid career stats, Monroe doesn’t have any big NBA Awards to his name. He was on the All-Rookie Second Team in 2011 and other than that, being a McDonald’s All-American was probably his best accomplishment.

If you’re wondering why a player of this caliber was available on the open market consider this: he is in his final year of a 3-year $50 million contract. Teams want a superstar for that sort of money. He is not a superstar. He is just a solid player who has battled a calf injury this season. Teams don’t want to pay that sort of money for just a decent player--but the Celtics need it. It’s only money. The federal reserve can literally print as much of it as they want.

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