Former Bruins GM fired by Oilers

Former Bruins GM fired by Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers fans might feel a little better now.

You might be wondering: why the heck should I care about the Edmonton Oilers? They have nothing to do with the Bruins! Well, just let me finish and you'll see why...

The Oilers fired general manager Peter Chiarelli this week (See!? You can relate to that!). Why? Same reason the Bruins canned him: he wasn't doing a very good job.

The Oilers had multiple top draft picks and yet, they're not really in a good spot. They will miss the playoffs for the 12th time in 13 years this season (unless they have a huge second half, which we can't see happening). But yeah, they're not even a good team despite having Connor McDavid on their roster. Not really sure how you can screw that one up.

Actually, since it is Chiarelli, you could kind of see it coming from a mile away....
The dude basically got nothing for Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton during his tenure as the Bruins head coach. He also got fleeced on the Blake Wheeler trade, and he overpaid Milan Lucic. So yeah, we know his judgement is about as good as yours after eight tall Sam Adams summers: not great.

To give you an idea of something dumb he did this week (as the Oilers GM), he signed Mikko Koskinen to a three-year extension worth $13.5 million. It does not matter that you haven't heard of him, that's kind of the point. He is 30 and has only played in 32 NHL games ever. That is a weird move -- especially because he has lost each of his last three starts, but whatever....

But yeah, Chiarelli will probably get hired by somebody else to do something because the world is a sick and twisted place. The end.

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