Fenway getting rid of Pesky’s Pole

Like it or not, there’s about to be some changes at Fenway Park — next year.

Yes, there will not be a David Ortiz in the lineup and it will be tough for the Red Sox to adjust. But Fenway itself will look a little different.

Don’t worry, the Green Monster isn’t going anywhere. But. part of this reconstruction involves taking down Pesky’s Pole. What’s Pesky’s Pole, some might wonder. Umm… it’s the foul pole on the non-Green Monster side of Fenway Park. It’s 302 feet away from home plate, named after the late Johnny Pesky and the thing is signed by like everyone and anyone who has ever been to Fenway. It’s kind of the sign-in sheet to prove you’ve been to Fenway in a way.

Fret not Pesky fans, the pole will still be named after him; they are just replacing the original pole with a new pole, a sturdier pole. It’s probably for the best. Wouldn’t want the pole falling on anyone in game action. That would be unfortunate.

So what else will be new at Fenway? It looks like there will be a new bullpen wall and more seats in the right field grandstand. The Cumberland Farms sign is going to become a video board which is probably for the best because I’ve had some bad experiences with workers at Cumberland Farms. Plus, you can never have enough TV’s. Isn’t that right Cask’n Flagon?

It is also worth noting there was a proposal to add 124 seats to Fenway by moving the dugouts three and a half feet closer to the field. A lot of people are probably thinking that’s an obvious one to pass. But Fenway already might have the least foul territory of any park in baseball, so that would just make it an even bigger hitter’s park — except when Clay Buchholz doesn’t give up any hits.


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