Fenway Franks vs Fenway Fresh

Baseball Season is in full swing (batter batter swing!) which means there’s nowhere better than America’s oldest ball park. Ever since opening day on April 3rd, there’s been no hotter place in Boston than Fenway Park; except maybe the marathon finish line for a few hours on Monday, but I digress.  

Even if you can’t watch the game on tv, all of Red Sox Nation’s Facebook feeds are filled with pictures of people taking selfies at Pesky’s Pole and the Green Monster.  Have you also seen the photos of their new and “improved” menu options?

Franks vs Fresh: Did you know Fenway has a rooftop vegetable garden? Fenway Farms grows vegetables for the park’s concession stands. This is cool and all; however variety and freshness aren’t word that come to mind at a baseball park.  I don’t need fresh veggies with my Fenway Frank and peanuts.

I like a lobster roll as much as the next Chowdahead, but do I want to eat one off my lap in the bleachers?  No way.  Pass the popcorn please.  What’s next?  Gelato instead of a good old fashioned $6 Hood ice cream sandwich?

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