FanGraphs unveils 2020 Red Sox lineup projections

According to FanGraphs, here is a look at how the Boston Red Sox starting lineup is projected to fare next season. And yes, we don't know who is going to play first base, so let's just ignore that part for now.
J.D. Martinez -- The data indicates Martinez will be the team's home run leader with 39 in 150 games played. They also have him batting .301 with a team-best .953 OPS.
Mookie Betts -- Interestingly, they kind of throw some shade at Betts, projecting him to finish behind Martinez in every single category. I don't know if they're right about it (let's be honest, these are just projections, so every number could end up being wrong -- it's just about getting a general idea of things). But yeah, they have Betts hitting .297 with 32 home runs and a .932 OPS in 150 games played. Not bad indeed.
Rafael Devers -- And then there's the other guy FanGraphs thinks is going to have a 30-home run season for the Red Sox. And when I say 30 home runs, I mean exactly 30 home runs. Additionally, they have him batting .299 with an even .900 OPS in 149 games played.
Xander Bogaerts -- For X, we're talking a .292 average, 25 home runs and an .866 OPS in 150 games.
Christian Vazquez -- Throwing some shade at Vazquez, they went with a .263 average, 13 home runs and a .729 OPS in 111 games.
Andrew Benintendi -- Benintendi is projected to have an improved season. FanGraphs has him hitting .273 with 19 home runs and an .805 OPS in 150 games.
Michael Chavis -- For Chavis, they say .248 batting average, 23 home runs and a .765 OPS in 128 games.

Jackie Bradley Jr -- Bradley is projected to play in 147 games, hit .241 with 20 home runs and a .751 OPS.