Fake news Yahoo! calls Jackie Bradley Jr. overrated. Sad!

Fake news Yahoo! calls Jackie Bradley Jr. overrated. Sad!

If you’re like me, then you use Gmail, and Google (occasionally DuckDuckGo) and all that stuff. Here’s one more reason for y’all to stay loyal to anyone but Yahoo (not writing, Yahoo!, because that’s such a bad name).

That website/email service/crappy search engine came up with their all-overrated overrated MLB lineup (American League style) and of course, the haters had to put someone from the Boston Red Sox on it.

Right there in center field was Jackie Bradley Jr. That’s right: their “MLB crew” voted and came up with JBJ as their most overrated outfielder. He was even nice enough to retweet it.



That’s the definition of clickbait/fake news/misleading the public in order to get clicks. That’s bad. Jackie Bradley Jr is not overrated. He is capable of hitting 25 home runs and playing Gold Glove defense in center field. If this list said inconsistent, then you’d probably have to agree with them. But hey, he’s a solid player, who is honestly pretty overlooked because he is on a good ballclub.

So maybe that’s it. Maybe fans outside of New England don’t appreciate him because of his batting average or something. Maybe they don’t watch his plays on defense.

Maybe they think he’s not on the level of Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts and others. So what? He has been the starting center fielder for back-to-back division title-winning teams and has a chance to help the Red Sox win the division once again. He’s not the guy in the lineup the Red Sox are looking to for monster numbers, but he has some pop and some pretty good guys around him. Big asset to the team.

If you’re still bummed out about the Red Sox not signing anyone too, do me a favor a check out this video of Jackie Bradley Jr…

You’re welcome.

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