Experience Luxury at its best in Boston

Presidential suites are hotel rooms that are so luxurious and cozy that they feel fit for the president. They encapsulate beautiful decorations, mesmerizing designs and luxurious furnishing. However, this doesn’t mean that these suites are only for people of the royal hierarchy right? After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend bathing in the laps of luxury and comfort? So if you’re thinking of spending a vacation in one of these Boston beauties, here we list down our top 3 to experience luxury at its best in Boston.

1) Mandarin Oriental

Although the Mandarin Oriental costs $8000 per night, the money feels worth every penny. It contains walls which have been lined with gold silk- but that’s not even the best part! Along with that, this suite has a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, an office and a changing room that is double the size of an average bedroom. It also houses enormous wardrobes that could probably fit anything you would think of bringing during your stay.

Mandarin Oriental Boston

2) Four Seasons

The Four Seasons hotel consists of one of the most popular presidential suites in Boston. With an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna this hotel does nothing more than mesmerize. Vacationers opting for this suite will have a private balcony overlooking the Boston Public Garden and a dining room that has the capacity to seat 10 people. Massages, grand pianos, hardwood floors and walk-in showers are other luxurious treats that you will find here. Thinking of bringing your kids along? Children 18 and under get to stay with an adult for free!

four seasons boston

3) Fairmont Copley Plaza

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Fairmont Copley Plaza is that its suites are decorated with genuine antiques and not merely replicas. But that’s not all that its presidential suite offers. It has a magnificent living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom- all of which have been very well maintained. With hallways lined with Carrera marble and rooms that overlook the Old South churches, it is no surprise that several former US presidents have chosen to visit this presidential suite!

Fairmont Copley Plaza boston


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