Expansion of The New Hampshire Cider House Café

Enjoy a café famous for its cider donuts and blueberry pancakes. With a menu filled with fresh homemade delicacies, Cider House Café is the perfect place for a leisurely luncheon. The expansion of the New Hampshire Cider House Café allows chocolate chip cookies and home-fried potatoes lovers to relish these items as well.

cider house cafe

Meals at the Cider House Café

Yes, that’s right, you can enjoy a meal there! What was a donut concession stand in 2004 is now expanding to a spacious restaurant offering a wider menu options to choose from. The Cider House Café will move into the Windy Ridge Orchard’s winery building, with a spacious kitchen and seating capacities for guests to enjoy.

The expansion shows a growing popularity of the café. With consistent demand throughout the year, Cider House Café never disappoints and uses the freshest local products, including Windy Ridge fruit, homegrown vegetables, Hatchland Milk, Angela’s Homemade Bread, Pete and Gerry’s Eggs and Mom’s Apple Butter, to create unique specialty dishes that leaves the diners wishing for more.

The Seven Birches, and beyond

Though the café is a recent addition, Windy Ridge Orchard was originally an apple farm on New Hampshire Route 116 in 1968. The Seven Birches winery is famous for vintage wines flavored by Windy Ridge’s blueberries and apples. Despite large growths in recent years, the Fabrizio family hopes to retain its rustic charm of the Seven Birches and continue serving wines produced from Windy Ridge Orchard.

Experience the ever-growing essence of the café and Windy Ridge Orchard. From breakfast burritos to blueberry crumbles and beyond, try out original recipes and enjoy the scrumptious goodness of the Cider House Café!

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