Examing the Patriots 2nd half schedule

Examing the Patriots 2nd half schedule

So are the New England Patriots going to be challenged at some point this season?

They have played in a few football games (eight to be exact) and have not lost in a single one of them. That's a good thing. That means they are legit half way to a 16-0 regular season if all goes well. They have outscored their opponents 250 to 61 in the process. It's been pretty good so far.

I guess the one thing to be weary about at this point would be the back end of the schedule being more difficult than the first half of the season. How about we just do a quick rundown of who they have left and how they're doing?

Week 9: Baltimore Ravens -- At 5-2, the Ravens lead the AFC North and are a team worthy of respect. This is why they are only 3.5-point underdogs this week.

Week 10: Bye Week (UNDEFEATED) -- Good week to get some Thanksgiving shopping out of the way. Not sure if that's a thing, but there's no game.

Week 11: Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) -- Decent team, but nowhere near the team that beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Week 12: Dallas Cowboys (4-3) -- They'll probably win the NFC East. Why are they in the east?

Week 13: Houston Texans (5-3) -- A solid football team worthy of respect.

Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) -- With a healthy Patrick Mahomes, it's a game. If not, then no.

Week 15: Cincinnati Bengals (0-8) -- The good news is they play the Dolphins at some point, so one of them is gonna finish the season with a win. Easy win for New England

Week 16: Buffalo Bills (5-2) -- The first time these two teams played, it was a 16-10 game, so this will be competitive.

Week 17: Miami Dolphins (0-7) -- LOL.

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