ESPN's 2015 NFL Draft revision makes the Patriots look good

ESPN's 2015 NFL Draft revision makes the Patriots look good

Sometimes, revisionist history can be terrible and dangerous. However, in lighter situations, it can be pretty fun. It can also make you feel better about a situation than you did at the time, especially if the revisionist history is based on what we know now.

Speaking of which, our friends over at ESPN actually had something positive to say about the New England Patriots for once. That’s a first! They did their own redraft of the 2015 NFL Draft. Normally, you might say, “the hindsight is 20/20” or “this is stupid” BUT this actually is some good news for the Patriots.

Why? Because they picked three Patriots players in the first round. That means the Patriots must have a pretty good team.

So how’d it go? Well, Trey Flowers was the first Patriots player selected. They had him going 8th overall to the Atlanta Falcons, who were in need of a pass rusher. They ranked him as the second best pass rusher on the board--behind Vic Beasley Jr..

Now, let’s skip down to 18 where they have the Kansas City Chiefs picking up Danny Shelton. The defensive lineman is in his first season with the Patriots and has proven to be crucial against stopping the run so hey, the Pats should be happy about it.

And then there’s Malcolm Brown, who they used a first rounder on back in the day. Well, he wouldn’t have fallen to them either. ESPN has him going 22nd overall to the Pittsburgh Steelers--because he was better than their pick (Bud Dupree).

Surprisingly, Shaq Mason wasn’t on the list but oh man, what a steal that guy was back in the day. He was a fourth rounder. Either he’d be an early second rounder or ESPN is still biased against the Patriots. Either way, not bad. Not bad at all.

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