ESPN Is Dropping A Nine-Part Tom Brady Documentary In 2021

ESPN Is Dropping A Nine-Part Tom Brady Documentary In 2021

Jake Archer ·

Tom Brady gets documentary after "The Last Dance" success

After watching the ten-part documentary ESPN made about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty, many people were talking about what would/should come next. It seemed like everyone loved "The Last Dance" (whether that has to do with it actually being that good or the fact that we're all just bored and need something to watch is up for debate) and sports fans were clamoring for more. 

Of course, most of New England was drawing comparisons between the Bulls dominance and that of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Patriots, and coming to the conclusion that we should get some sort of in-depth documentary with all the secrets revealed in another 20 years or so. Well, we don't have to wait! Tom Brady posted a trailer on his social media today for a nine-part documentary called "Man In The Arena" that will air on ESPN about...himself and his career.

As I've said before, I'm a Tom Brady guy through and through. It is very hard for me to criticize him. In fact, as I write this I am wearing one of those shirts that has his face printed a million times all over it. So please, bear with me as I turn anti-Tom for a second. 

This documentary just feels wrong. It's WAY too soon and way to close to the Jordan doc. First off, Brady is still playing football and hasn't given his career any sort of air to breathe before looking back on it. Who asked for this now? By the time this thing hits our televisions, he'll only be halfway through his Tampa Bay contract. It's like if Jordan decided to put "The Last Dance" out while he was playing for the Wizards. It would have been weird. 

So Brady isn't giving anyone time to sit back and reflect on his career and what he meant to the game of football, which is going to mean less interest and appreciation. I'd be willing to bet a lot of non-Patriots or Buccaneers fans won't be excited for it. Oh yea, and toss in the probability that in 2021, he won't be the only show in town like Jordan was during this sports-less lockdown (at least I hope). 

Also, didn't we just watch Tom vs Time? Why do we need this only like four years later? It reeks of TB12 and the propoganda he keeps trying to force on everyone to continue to build that sports therapy/medicine/snake oil/whatever you want to call it brand. Again, I'm a HUGE Brady guy. I have the book (never read a single page), wear his apparel, and pretty much worship him. With that said though, sometimes you have to realize when someone just deserves some criticism. 

Did ESPN come to Brady with this? Maybe. Even so, what happened to Brady having that grudge against the network for how they covered him in Deflategate? I guess that goes out the window when you want to keep selling workout bands and essential oils. Of course, if Brady's camp approached ESPN with this, that sounds even worse. 

Part of me is probably just angry that he left, I think. Another part hates that he's doing this because just nothing about it is right and it looks, eh I don't know, forced at best. This just makes him more of a punching bag for critics. I think the biggest thing for me though, is the fact that he's doing it about HIMSELF.

Don't get confused, Brady may say all the right things and play up his team-first persona, but he's got a huge ego. He's going to give us a doc that he'll have final cut over, like Jordan did. The difference is, Brady's won't be interesting like MJ's. It's going to be a milk-toast infomercial for his company. That's it. I'll watch, but I can almost guarantee it won't be good. I'll hope I'm wrong. 

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