Enjoy this Red Sox team. They're special

Enjoy this Red Sox team. They're special

What can you honestly even say about the Red Sox at this point?

There's a reason why Boston sports talk radio ratings plummeted in July: there's not really much to say about the Red Sox that hasn't been said already. You can criticize them and when you do, they're just gonna go ahead and win games anyways. People can hate on Craig Kimbrel, for example, and then his team will put up five runs in the tenth inning and bail him out. It's impressive.

Plus, Kimbrel is usually very good...

Sure, the Red Sox have their flaws, but even George Washington had his flaws (like that wig that didn't look very good on him).

So basically, what we're saying is that they're 80-34 through 114 games and have a .702 winning percentage. This is the kind of team you should actually feel really good about. A regime change did them some good as far as the coaching staff goes and adding a major threat to the middle of the lineup in JD Martinez has done wonders for the Red Sox offensive production. Not to mention certain players are a little older now and that's a plus.

Here's a serious (and very cocky) question: who do you honestly think is better than the Red Sox in Major League Baseball? Right now, at least, there might not be a team. That's saying something, especially because of all of the talk about how good the Yankees were supposed to be this season. And yet, the Yankees have been No. 2 basically all year. Again, it's impressive.

As far as October goes (assuming the Red Sox are able to hold onto this division lead), there is still quite a bit to prove. But hey, it's still the summertime. Just enjoy this team in the moment and we will worry about that stuff in two months.

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