Eduardo Nunez reunion would be sweet

Eduardo Nunez reunion would be sweet

You know what? The Red Sox came in first place last season without JD Martinez. Who needs that guy? He’s mad at the Red Sox. Let’s stop holding out hope there. The owners should take a stand and stop getting fleeced on big money contracts. Here’s a plan B.

So Christopher Smith of MassLive suggested the Red Sox could re-sign Eduardo Nunez and have a complete team at this point. I am 100 percent in agreeance with that one.

Look at what Nunez did last season. He was excellent. He hit .313 with 24 stolen bases, 12 home runs and an .801 OPS in 114 games last season. The year before that, he was an All-Star. He is still unsigned and had a great tenure with the Red Sox. Wouldn’t he be the perfect guy to come back to the team? I think so.

Dustin Pedroia is going to start the year on the disabled list. Pedroia is getting old (for a baseball player). We never know if he is going to be healthy. Xander Bogaerts could fade in the second half. Rafael Devers was a trainwreck defensively last season. It would be nice for the Red Sox to bolster their infield depth with a guy who could start on a first-place team, not just someone who is good enough to fill in. They already have a handful of those (Brock Holt, Marco Hernandez, Deven Marrero, Tzu-Wei Lin, possibly Blake Swihart).

Maybe Rafael Devers can get some first base reps to improve the team’s versatility and to allow Nunez into the lineup on a more frequent basis.

The Red Sox can always make their big free agent splash next offseason and go all in for 2019.

They could still make a huge move at the deadline too. Just spitting out some fire thoughts.

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