Earth to Red Sox pitching depth!

Earth to Red Sox pitching depth!

Alright, this isn't going so well.

The Boston Red Sox starting pitching situation needs to be talked about again, again, again and again.

Here's the latest: Darwinzon Hernandez is not a big league starting pitcher.

The dude legit had an ERA over 5.00 in AA Portland before the team called him up to make a spot start Tuesday.

He walked like five guys in three innings and let up three runs in just over three innings pitched. He couldn't make it out of the fourth inning. It was rough. The matchup had me asking where to place bets before the game--and not to pick the Sox, unfortunately (no bets were actually placed, but it was strongly considered).

But yeah, there's no depth here. Over the course of a seven game span, the team got spot starts from Ryan Weber, Josh Smith and Darwinzon Hernandez. Why that needs to happen is beyond me. It also helps explain why the team is 34-34 through 68 games.

This is a failure of the organization who was very complicit after a great 2018 season. They didn't do anything to help their pitching staff. They let Joe Kelly walk (good move). They let Craig Kimbrel walk (bad move). And they got Colten Brewer, who should really be in AAA right now.

Starting pitching depth? Nope.

Bullpen help? Nah.

Stuff happens and things change. They did not prepare accordingly for what ended up happening this season and deserve blame for it.

Look, we get it: the team spends a bunch of money as is, but competent AAA starters and back end relievers aren't all that expensive They're better investments than say a Steve Pearce or a Nathan Eovaldi too. Neither of them have worked out well since re-signing with the team.

These guys need to step it up and turn it around already.

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