Don't worry about Tyler Thornburg

Don't worry about Tyler Thornburg

So the big question a lot of Boston Red Sox fans probably have at this exact point in time is: so when is Tyler Thornburg coming back?

It's a big question. He was supposed to be some great reliever who was going to help save the Boston Red Sox, but he's basically just been another Carson Smith (AKA USELESS). It's frustrating too knowing that the Red Sox gave up Travis Shaw for this dude.


Thornburg really hasn't made any progress in the minors this season. Remember, he has been down there since April and he has still not pitched in back-to-back games yet. It seems like he's throwing an inning once every three days now which means he is not even close to MLB action yet. It's also worth noting he has a 5.40 ERA in 16 MiLB relief appearances this year.

So, in other words, stop thinking about him because he's not of any use to the Red Sox right now. He's not even a valuable pitcher for the PawSox, so getting your hopes up about him is a futile exercise.

There's other guys on the PawSox who would be more valuable assets to the Red Sox like Ty Buttrey and Ryan Brasier, who have ERAs under 2.00 for the PawSox. Oh, and Robby Scott has pitched well for them, he's just not someone who you want pitching the eighth inning of an MLB game.

I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here too: the Red Sox should stop trading for big relievers. Thornburg and Smith are going to go down as busts in Boston; there's no way around it. Maybe it is those guys' faults or, more likely, the team doesn't help guys acclimate to their system well enough. Regardless, something has to change because this isn't working out at all.

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