Don't worry about the Celtics offense

Don't worry about the Celtics offense

Early in the season for the Boston Celtics, there has been a lot of talk about them have problems on offense. Let's be honest though: you shouldn't be worried at all.

Sure, the Celtics got off to a 2-2 start and they were supposed to go 82-0 because they're the Celtics and they're the best team in the East. But it's very early in the season a couple of lackluster shooting performances shouldn't have people down on these guys. They're a great team and this starting five is still learning how to play with one another. Interestingly enough too, their performance Thursday night showed what the team can really do with the ball.

The C's looked like they were going to lose, trailing 16 at halftime to the winless Oklahoma City Thunder but guess what? They put up 40 points in the third quarter and ended up making the big comeback, winning the bout 101-95. The best part is: even Marcus Smart got in on the scoring action (two points).

It was a Harlem Globetrotters level of dominance.

But yeah, the C's seem to have a very good mix going. Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, Al Horford and Jaylen Brown (in no particular order) are a very tough starting five and then Marcus Morris, Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart all play big minutes as well. The guys on the Celtics bench could be starting in a lot of other places (especially Rozier).

Here's a serious point: the Celtics rank 29th out of 30 NBA teams in points per game so far this season. With the guys they have, do you really think that's going to be the case all season? The obvious answer is no, so let's go with it. Let's enjoy watching them grow and develop as a team and see what they can do, assuming they make the postseason.

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