Don't worry about Gronk

Don't worry about Gronk

This has been an interesting development in the New England Patriots offseason.

There’s been plenty of speculation of tight end Rob Gronkowski and his future in football. The theory is that he could retire from the NFL and join the WWE. Yeah. The best tight end of all-time (arguably) is going to give that up to essentially be an actor? Interesting.

I don’t see this happening--not yet at least. If we were putting down betting money, I’d say Gronk will probably be a WWE wrestler in the future. He’s perfect for it. The muscles. The height. The personality. Perfect fit. But then again, he has the opportunity to win a couple more Super Bowl rings over the next few seasons.

Gronk probably likes the speculation though. If he didn’t, would he really be tweeting links to WWE stuff?




He’s gotta be laughing when he presses send on this stuff.

Seriously though, does this mean if Gronk took a picture of himself on a farm, everyone would think he wants to be a farmer now.

Here’s some advice: don’t worry about the threat of Gronk leaving for the WWE. He needs to secure his Pro Football Hall of Fame case by playing a decade in the league before he moves on to a Hall of Fame WWE career.

Also, I know it’s not football season anymore, but the grind never truly stops. With that in mind, let’s check out some of Gronk’s highlights because there’s no other football going on around now.

If anyone tries telling you Gronk is not the best tight end of all-time, just send them that video. But if you do, apologize for its terrible music choice. Not sure why anyone would think that song screams “great football player”.

Anyways, the lesson here is: nothing lasts forever. Let’s enjoy the time we have left watching Gronk and not spend it worrying about when he is going to leave.

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