Don’t expect much in Malcolm Butler’s case

There are certain games you can play pretty much forever. There’s golf, there’s bowling, there’s knitting. American football isn’t one of those games and because of that, guys in the NFL need to make as much money as possible before their bodies can no longer take the rigors of pro football. Even real talented guys never know when their last day is, which is why you shouldn’t feel so great about Malcolm Butler’s future in New England.

Butler is a fan-favorite in New England, there’s no doubt about it. He made that catch and stuff, but you can’t think he’s happy right now. Sure, he has a chance to win his third Super Bowl ring this upcoming NFL season, but the Patriots blocking the deal he had in place with the New Orleans Saints was probably real frustrating for him.

After all, it may have cost him millions of dollars. He’s making $3.91 mil this year. He’d be making at least $10 mil elsewhere, so there’s that. And then there’s Stephon Gilmore, who the Patriots really overpaid for–at like $13 mil per year. There’s no way with that kind of money he’s getting that the Pats are gonna go out and give the Malc man the money he wants when he hits free agency. This is the same team who traded Richard Seymour, mind you…

This is the team who uses their high draft picks to build up their defense. Butler was an undrafted free agent, and the Patriots got good use out of him. Even when he signs elsewhere after next season, still chalk it up as a win, please. Super Bowl 49 catch was worth more than any other single play we’ve ever seen. If that’s it, so be it. The Patriots will find some other cornerback. They almost always do…

Also, here’s that interception:

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