Don’t expect Kyrie on the Celtics

Kyrie Irving is good at basketball. The Cleveland Cavaliers are good. The Boston Celtics are good. Irving is one of the Cavs best players. He wants out of Cleveland. The Celtics want to improve so they can finally win a championship with this core they are building up. Should the Celtics do it though? No.

The Cavs are looking for a trade partner to get rid of Irving, but he will not come cheap. In all likelihood, the Cavs will be a worse team without Irving. That is a good sign for Celtics fans. It increases the Celtics chances of making it to the NBA Finals. Here are a few reasons why the Celtics probably won’t go out and grab him.

The Celtics already have a very good point guard. His name is Isaiah Thomas and he is an MVP candidate. Could they use another guard? Yes. They don’t have a shooting guard per se, but this is another guy who cannot play defense well. That’d be two offensive-minded guards.

The cost would be high. The C’s would have to trade some pretty good draft picks and talented young players. Guys like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, other guys with unnecessary y’s in their names and other high draft picks would probably be on their way out. So it would hurt the future of the team. Not ideal.

The Cavs and Celtics are the two best teams in the east. Contenders typically don’t trade with one another. Watch the MLB trade deadline and see if that happens, specifically when they are in the same league. Doubt it happens.

Plus, this dude has problems with his teammates — even if it is LeBron James. Who says he is going to like everyone on the Celtics? No guarantee there. Could be a problem in Boston as well.

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