Don’t be mad at the Bruins

Sometimes, your favorite NHL team just isn’t good enough to win the Stanley Cup. Actually, scratch that. Most of the time, your favorite NHL team just isn’t good enough to win the Stanley Cup. It doesn’t take anything away from them. If they can make it to the playoffs, that says a lot about them, especially after missing it the past couple years. But the one important takeaway would be that they aren’t the best team in the game. This year, you could say that’s been the case for the Boston Bruins.

Now, the Bruins are down 3-1 to the Ottawa Senators in the first round of the playoffs. Yeah, you’re probably sad about that. Understandable. You want to see the Bruins do well. But let’s be realistic here: they made the playoffs after a few years off from it.

That in itself is quite the accomplishment, especially under an interim head coach in Bruce Cassidy, who–let’s be honest–should probably get the job for next season. This isn’t like when GM Dan Jennings took the Miami Marlins managerial job. Cassidy though, he’s like an actual coach…

Could you argue the Bruins have had some bad luck that could have changed this series? Yeah, No Doubt about it. If you don’t like that rule, it’s understandable. The series might be in a little bit different of a spot had that one counted. But, let’s be honest, the Bruins haven’t been scoring very many goals in the playoffs at all. That’s troublesome. Plus, if we’re really looking at their issues, defensive depth has to be one of the things you look at. Yeah, there’s No Doubt they need to bulk up back there.

(Yes, 95 tracks)

When they do that, then they should be in better position to do some damage in the playoffs–like the Penguins…

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