Doc Rivers has high expectations for the Celtics this year

Doc Rivers has high expectations for the Celtics this year

Remember Doc Rivers?

He used to coach the Boston Celtics before Brad Stevens did. He had a pretty good reputation, helping the team win the NBA championship during the 2007-2008 NBA season.

Well now Rivers is no longer a part of the organization, but he did give his thoughts on the team and specifically, what happens now after last year's disappointment of a season. Remember, the Celtics were viewed by many as the NBA Eastern Conference's frontrunner prior to this season.

Here is what Stevens told a reporter this week.

“I think they learn. Especially the young guys. (Celtics head coach) Brad (Stevens) has a young team. They have the first year when they go to the Eastern Conference finals and the next year, the assumption of winning is a dangerous thing.

“I think young player assume ‘oh we’ll be back next year, the same thing will happen.’ You find out that’s not so. That experience will be invaluable for them. You’ll see (Jayson) Tatum and (Jaylen) Brown and those guys, they’ll be much better because of it.”

Alright, so this guy that we have a lot of respect for is saying nice things about the Celtics. He has high hopes for the team, so that is a good thing for sure.

Obviously, Stevens seems to know what he is doing as a coach but to here it from Rivers is just reassuring. The Celtics do have their share of young talent in addition to a couple of older guys, so it'll be interesting to see how they fare without Kyrie Irving and Al Horford in their lineup.

In other words, the Celtics are basically guaranteed a dominant season because a legend said they are going to have one. That is a good sign, at least, even if you are not that optimistic about it..

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