Derek Jeter calls Red Sox fans soft

Find your weapon of choice Red Sox fans, Derek Jeter is trying to start a war.

He’s a man who has warranted a lot of #RE2PECT wherever he goes. But he said Red Sox fans are getting soft. Here’s a look at him on some late night show that I don’t watch so clearly it’s not very good:

Well… Jeter…

Jeter has a little bit of a point. There does not seem to be much rivalry. But that falls on the types of teams the Red Sox and Yankees have had in recent years. Jeter retired — as did Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada. They were the guys Sox fans could kind of hate and respect at the same time.

It’s hard for the Red Sox and Yankees to be rivals now when clearly the Yankees just suck this year and are in last place. And no, that’s not just like a “Yankees suck” jealous of their 27 World Series championships. And it has nothing to do with their rivalry with Boston. They just suck this year. Plain and simple.

Maybe Jeter wants there to be a rivalry and is trying to start something. Maybe Rick Porcello throws at A-Rod the next time the Sox and Yankees play each other and either knocks him out with the pitch or starts a brawl and does what he did to Youk.

Two points for the reversal. Definitely the low point of Youk’s career right there. First he tries to throw his helmet at a pitcher and then gets his weight turned against him by a guy ten years younger than him, who clearly weighs a lot less.

But yeah, Jeter, not cool man. You’re retired: act like it. Do nothing and then make a public appearance in Cooperstown a few years from now and then crawl back into your cave.

But then again, remember who we’re dealing with:

Derek Jeter

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